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March 4th, 2009

Just got back from my latest gig in Hoofington, and what a blast it's been! That kid whose cute-ceañera I was playing for really enjoyed that new track I'd been working my tail off to put together, and it was great to be singing with Lavender again, especially after all she's done for me.

It's kinda weird how I went from some pop-loving nopony to an all-star so quickly. I mean, okay, so maybe her producers were a little bit wary at first, but Lavender must have been a real persuasive sort, because they went ahead and made me an appointment for early February so I could record some of my tunes. She even sent me the date in the greetings card she sent with her Hearth's Warming present for me, which was a complete collection of Sapphire Shores. That had to be the greatest gift I'd ever got.

After that, my life just got better and better – I went in for a recording session, and in the space of a few months I was reaping quite a nice royalty fee for every copy sold, and ponies were requesting my DJ services from as far as Canterlot, Fillydelphia and Manehattan. Most of them were kinda local, including that boutique gig Rarity promised me; and then there was a recent fashion show of hers where she and her friends were showing off their new gala dresses. We had to do that one twice, because the dresses just looked so naff the first time – like, I can't really understand why Twilight had to go with all those star signs on hers, and Rainbow Dash looked like some sort of centurion gone wrong! Also, what the hay was that thing what Fluttershy was wearing on her head, some sort of birds' nest or something stupid?! I like a bit of fancy dress, but those glorified rags were! Just no!

Mind you, it was hardly Rarity's fault they looked so wrong. She'd made some real cool ones earlier in the week, but then her friends made out like they weren't good enough, and she began making them to their own designs. Yeah, that worked a treat – not! Still, once they'd realised that, they had another go at it with the originals, and sweet Celestia did they look neat! Rarity sure works wonders with dresses and no mistake! But I digress.

Anyways, my first big break actually came in the form of Glastonbray Music Fest 2003, when I was invited to take part in the annual pop concert near Baltimare in the town of the same name. And let me tell you, Glastonbray really made my name – once the event was over, I was well in demand for all sorts of gigs in all sorts of places. I even went over to play in Griffonia once, and okay, maybe they didn't dig my music style as much as ponies do, but they still loved it. And don't even get me started on the time when I was asked to DJ for Princess Cadance after she got engaged to that nice Shining Armour guy! I never thought I'd see a princess of all ponies getting into disco music – all of them, in fact, because Celestia and Luna were more than happy to join in – but even better than that was that Cadance actually asked me to DJ for her again when she got married. How cool is that?!

Makes me wonder if that could have been me and Octavia if things had turned out differently. I don't know what she's doing with her life, but I've never really seen her outside of record labels and music magazines and such. Probably the millionth time I've said this, but I really do miss her. I'd probably give my whole career to get together with her again.

Ah well – at least I've got my friends in Ponyville to keep me company, and there's plenty of gigs to keep me going as well. Speaking of which, I've only just received a request for an eight-year-old colt who's like really in love with railways. His name is Locomotion (but they call him Loco for short), and he's got his ninth birthday coming up on the 3rd of next month, so his Mom and Dad have asked me to DJ for his party. He's not much of a disco fan, so they tells me, but anything I've got in my stash that relates to trains, they'd be more than happy for me to play.

This should be pretty interesting.

(P.S.: I didn't need to. She's here now.)
Ten years into the future, and Vinyl takes a moment to reflect on how successful her career has become as she prepares herself for yet another gig - but that's another story...

I know this part is probably rushed, but hopefully this won't be the last we'll see of Vinyl's diary. I intend to interweave it with the points of view of two other characters (possibly more) in the following story, in which I'll be experimenting with multiple POVs in the same chapters. It might work a treat, it might turn out an epic fail; but all I can say for now is "I'm afraid I've wrecked the Bridleway Limited".


Locomotion and Lavender Rhapsody are copyrighted by yours truly.
DJVinylScratchLP Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016
Awesome story and so far good job keeping it cannon but it is still awesome
GreatEastern1856 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016
Thanks. I'm gonna be taking my time writing the sequel, but I've got most of Loco's chapters of the story written down, so hopefully it won't be too long. Should be interesting to see how I fit three different points of view into each chapter at any rate.

But yeah, good to see that The Secret Diary is a success.
DJVinylScratchLP Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016
When i reread "i've got a stash of train songs i think of thomas the dank engine for some reason xD"
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