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Entry 96

November 27th

I've pretty much spent the whole of the rest of the day packing all my stuff, and now I'm waiting to catch my train. Even as I was walking out the house, Mom and Dad were going on about what a disgrace I was and that they hoped that finishing school would knock a bit of sense into me. As if I'm the one who needs sense! They wanna disown their little filly, then that filly's gone! End of story! That's pretty much what I told them before I left. I'm not gonna write exactly what I said, but I think they got the message – at last!

But that's not all I've done to them. You know that record player of theirs? Well, it may have gotten stuck on full volume with a copy of MC Hoover in it. No idea how the hay that happened. Even better, they must have been like really ticked off with what I said, because it was only like two minutes before I heard that thing banging out this really awesome rap track, and just like that, all the windows in their house have shattered and all the neighbours are shouting at them. Yeah, take that, you stuffy mules! Karma strikes again – big-time!

Maybe that's something I should do when my DJ career kicks off. Just have this really massive bass amp that I can use at like parties and such – heck, maybe use it as a weapon if somepony tries to kill me. Bass cannon! YEAH!

But yeah, it's kind of cheered me up a bit. So what if I have to start from scratch? At least those darn parents of mine have paid up for trying to ruin my life – and more than that, I know how I'm gonna make the dough I need to keep myself going. I just wish Tavi could have come Only question is where I'm gonna go. Not Fillydelphia, obviously, because there might be these really mean truancy officer blokes on the hunt for me. I could go Manehattan, but it's still a bit of a trek. Maybe I'd better just pick a station at random and see what I come up with.

Right, so I've had a look at the timetable, and there's a heck of a lot of places I can go. I think I might as well go Ponyville since there's at least one pony I know from there. I just hope she understands what I'm going through right now. Anyway, I've got my ticket, and now I've just got to wait for my train to get here.

Entry 96 and a bit

I'm now on the train for Ponyville, and as weird as this seems, I'm actually feeling kinda relaxed. I dunno why, especially since I'm leaving Tavi behind and all that, and I really do wish I didn't have to. If only she didn't have so much keeping her in Canterlot, I probably would have brought her with me after all. Not that it'd work out anyway.

Could be that I'm just happy to get away from my parents at last. They've been nothing but a thorn in my flank since forever, and now I've not got them breathing down my neck the whole time, I can finally kick back and be myself. Or maybe it's to do with me being about to live my own life as a DJ or a singer or whatever the hay I end up doing. I wonder if there's any call for such a pony in Ponyville? Guess I'm gonna have to ask Rarity about it when I get there.

Anyway, the conductor says this train will be reaching Ponyville at around lunchtime tomorrow, so not much for me to do except lie around and listen to my Atomic Colt album, maybe see if I can work out a few songs of my own. But yeah, roll on tomorrow.

Entry 97

November 28th

Not long now before I arrive in Ponyville. I've gotta admit, it probably wasn't such a good idea to travel third-class, because I'm feeling kinda numb from all this sitting around, and I didn't get that much sleep either. But hey – small price to pay, I guess. At least I managed to bagsy myself a few bagels for breakfast.

There's not really a lot out there except for trees and mountains and rivers and stuff. A few cottages and farms here and there, but other than that, it all seems pretty wild and lonely. The conductor says we're only a few minutes away, and that I'll know when we actually get there because there's a huge great big apple orchard thing to the north of the town. I'm not seeing one yet, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled.
I still don't get it, though. Is Ponyville really just a great big farming place? The way Rarity talked, I'd have thought it'd be like really big and busy and such, same as Canterlot. Surely it can't be just a boring old cow town. Or maybe I've just got the wrong Ponyville or something? I dunno.

Okay, so I've just spotted the orchard, and it's pretty big. And guess what – so is the town next to it! It's still not exactly Canterlot, but there's still a lot of it out there. Maybe it won't be so boring after all. Ah well – only one way to find out.

Entry 97 and a bit

Right, just got off the train, and it all seems pretty quiet around here. Not a lot of ponies to liven up the streets, and even the ones who are out and about don't seem to be in any particular rush. But then it's a Sunday, so they're probably lying in or whatever. Might as well go take a look around, see if I can find somewhere to stay.

Not doing very well so far. There's this really big oak tree not too far from the station that's actually a library, but it doesn't look like it can take a lodger, and that big round building down the road that looks like some kind of fancy tent is a bit too weird for my liking. Sure, there are a few apartment blocks nearby, but I don't really know if I can afford a flat at the moment. So yeah, at the moment, it looks like I'm gonna have to make up my own home out of whatever I can find, or even sleep out in the open! This properly sucks! My first day in Ponyville, and I can't eve~–[long pen mark]

Okay, that was weird. Hadn't even finished this entry when all of a sudden this bouncy pink pony jumps out of nowhere and knocks me down flat. Next thing I know, she's getting all excited and going on about a new pony in town and that she needs to get a bakery ready for something or nothing. I mean, what the hay was that?! I've only been here like half an hour, and already there's some random filly getting all hyped up about me even existing?

But so what? It still doesn't solve the problem of where I'm gonna stay.

Entry 97 and a bit more

Wow! Seems coming to Ponyville wasn't such a bad idea after all. I'd been wandering around for like hours before I thought maybe I'd better just stop and get a bite to eat, so I went to this really weird-looking bakery place that looked like it was made of cake and cookies and all that kind of stuff. As soon as I'm inside, there's this big cheer from like all around me, and I'm surrounded by a whole herd of ponies. Get a load of that! First day in Ponyville, and I'm already being treated like Princess Celestia! Dunno why, dunno how, dunno what – but does any part of my face look bothered? Seriously, am I bothered? Short and sweet – nah!

Anyway, I've been talking with the other ponies, getting to know them better and stuff, and they're like real friendly. First ones I met were Lyra Heartstrings and her new wife Bonbon. They live and work in a candy store near the town centre, but Lyra's really into music herself, same as me. She even plays some sort of small harp thing at like festivals and stuff – something she calls a lyre or whatever. So yeah, that's at least two new friends I've made so far, but what really gets me is that Bonbon says she's had a bun in her oven for the last few months, and she's got the bump to prove it. How does that work if they're both mares?

I also met that pink pony who knocked me over earlier. Turns out her name's Pinkie Pie, and she's friends with Rarity and all that, so that's how she knows who I am and what my name is. Haven't really seen Rarity anywhere about, but Pinkie tells me she still lives here, so I'm sure to get to see her again. She also told me she was the one who threw this welcome party for me because she always does for newbies, and then she asked me where I was from, what I do, why I came to Ponyville, all that sort of stuff. I kinda felt awkward telling her about those lousy parents of mine and how I ditched them and all that, but I couldn't really lie to her about it because she's the sort of pony you can't NOT like. Kinda random and hyper, but still likeable.

And you wanna know something else? When I told her that I didn't have anywhere to live, she took pity on me and talked with the owners of this place (P.S.: Turns out it's called Sugarcube Corner. Pinkie only just told me that.) and they let me stay in the guest room. They like literally allowed me to stay here, and I didn't even have to pay for it! I mean, yeah, other ponies have done nice things for me before, especially Tavi, but this is way better than I could have hoped for! And even better, Pinkie said she'd help me start off that music career I've always wanted. Even did something she calls a Pinkie Promise, which she's never gonna break no matter what happens. I mean, like, this is crazy! Only yesterday, my life was going right down the pan, and now I find there's ponies who are doing everything they can to help me settle in and stuff! Is this what everypony in Ponyville is like?

If so, then I am so gonna love staying here.

Entry 98

November 29th

Pinkie showed me round Ponyville for the first time today. It's an okay sort of place, not a lot going on, but she tells me there's a real swell nightclub that's open on Friday nights. I so gotta go see what it's like! There's also plenty of nice cafes and stuff, a bowling alley, a music store – they've even got an arcade place near the park! And I thought this was gonna be a boring old cow-town!

Even the places I didn't think I'd like much were kind of interesting, like the candy shop where Lyra and Bonbon work. Me and Pinkie dropped by there so I could say hi and Pinkie could buy a few sweets. Bonbon's been telling me about this really neat spell that lets two mares have foals without a stallion, and that's how Lyra got her preggers. Still getting my head round this whole two mares having a foal thing, but I can kind of see how it works now. I sure loved talking music with Lyra though – maybe we should start our own little group someday.

I also got to see Rarity again. She asked me how I was doing, why I was in Ponyville, all that sort of stuff – again, I felt a bit awkward about telling her how I'd given up on my stupid parents and all that, but at least she seemed to understand what I was going through. She seemed a bit angry towards the end though. Wouldn't be surprised if it was something to do with Mom and Dad! But anyway, she's been working towards opening up her own little fashion shop at some point, which is why she was on that work experience thing back in Canterlot. She doesn't know where it's gonna go yet, but she's already thought up a name for it. I'm not even gonna bother writing it down because I dunno how to spell it, but I think it's something Prench.

Then Pinkie took me for lunch at that orchard, which I now know is called Sweet Apple Acres. The ponies there are pretty nice too. I mean, okay, Big Mac isn't all that talkative and Granny Smith seems to be in a world of her own, but Applejack and her parents seemed real friendly. I only wish Pinkie wouldn't keep pushing me to tell other ponies about what a lousy life I've had to put up with before now!

Not much to say about the rest of the day because it was mostly just going round town, seeing new places, saying hi to new ponies – although I did bump into a few other musicians along the way. There's a guy called Noteworthy who's like real good with a guitar, which is kinda cool. Neon Lights as well, who's just as into metal and dubstep and all that as I am. I think he's working towards being a radio producer or something, maybe even become a DJ himself one day, which again is pretty cool because it means I've got a co-host for when I start playing music at my own parties. Not so sure about Torch Song, though. She's an okay sort of pony, but not really my type.

So yeah, pretty good day all round. The only thing that really kills it for me is that I've had to go by such a lousy name, and even worse, one that I've been stuck with since birth. I mean, so what if I was born into a family of fabric nuts?! The name Linsey Woolsey and music just don't go well together! It's a stupid name, it doesn't suit me, and if anything, it makes me sound like some kind of sheep! It's stupid!

I really do need to change my name.

Entry 99

November 30th

Just been helping Pinkie and the Cakes with getting Sugarcube Corner ready for the Hearth's Warming season, and holy Celestia, does it look awesome! Those three have really gone all out with decorating the place, and there's a heck of a lot of baking going on right now too. It sure looks a lot more Hearth's Warming-y than Mom and Dad could ever be bothered to do back home.

I gotta admit Pinkie's been pretty good company since I came here. Again, kinda random and stuff, but I feel I can talk to her about anything and not get any stick for it. Just this morning I was talking to her about how stupid I feel being called Linsey Woolsey, and she's like “No kidding”. I think she and I must have been thinking the same thing about changing my name, because me and her had only been talking about it for a minute or something or nothing, and then she starts listing all the neat names I could have. In fact, I'm gonna quickly ask her about them again and write them all down. BRB

Entry 99 and a bit

Raving Record
Yakety Sax
Coco Electrik
Jazzy Jay

Vinyl Scratch
Dolly Rocker
Funky Beats
Bass Drop

Right, so me and Pinkie have just been talking through names, and I've written down as many as I can still remember without having to ask her twice. They all look pretty groovy and hip and all that, but I'm kinda undecided on which one I want. I'm gonna have to have a good long think about this, maybe put on a bit of music while I'm at it. I sure wish I had like my own DJ station or something. But what the hay, I can always save up the money for one – if I get any in the first place.

That's a good point, actually, where am I gonna get the money from? I don't really have a lot on me, and I'm not so sure about asking the Cakes if they can give me any. I mean, yeah, it'd be like real nice if they could, but there's not a lot I can do around here to earn my keep. Okay, so maybe I've done a good job of decorating the place, but it's only like every so often, and we've already established that baking's not my strong point (no brainer). Might have to try somewhere else if I'm

Wait just a minute! I've just remembered that it's nearly Hearth's Warming – and you know what that means? Hearth's Warming music in all the shops and cafes and anywhere else you can think of! Maybe if I can take care of the music while Pinkie and Mr and Mrs Cake deal with customers and baking and everything else, that'd take a heck of a load off their backs! I gotta go speak to Pinkie about it!

(P.S.: Still haven't decided my new name yet. Might have to put up with being called Linsey Woolsey for another day at least.)

Entry 99 and a bit more

Just spoken with Pinkie, and she seems cool with it. Now I just need to set up a gramophone or something next to the counter, gather up a few Hearth's Warming records, and I'm good to go for tomorrow morning. But is this gonna be enough? I'm not saying house, dubstep and techno are gonna be appropriate for this time of year, but these ponies could do with something a little different, me thinks. Something they've never heard before, and it still feels like Hearth's Warming. I've already mentioned this, and Pinkie seems pretty keen to help me out on this one, so she's taken me up to her room so we can work on a few Hearth's Warming-y tunes together.

I gotta admit, Pinkie sure is full of surprises, and so's her cupboard if the amount of musical instruments and other stuff she's got in there is anything to go by. She only had to open it up, and my jaw pretty much hit the floor! There's probably every instrument that's ever existed among that lot, and she's even got her own mixing table complete with recording devices! This is so awesome! She and I are gonna have a whale of a time putting these tunes together!

Right, so we've been at it for like a couple of hours or something, and we've come up with at least a dozen new tunes in that time. I dunno whether it was just me or something to do with Pinkie nudging me on, but I ended up doing all of them as electronic music bits in one form or another, and I'm well surprised that I managed to keep the Hearth's Warming feel. Maybe I really can do slow and calm in dubstep after all. Also, I think I might have worked out what my new name is gonna be. We already know that I'm good with mixing and turntables and stuff, and as weird as a record scratch may be to some, I actually find it really groovy, so I think I'll go with Vinyl Scratch from now on. So yeah – take that, haters, the boring old Linsey Woolsey pushover you know is dead! Now I'm a hyper-gifted DJ!
At long last, Linsey Woolsey manages to escape the control of her overbearing parents for a new life in......yes, you guessed it! And thus the great Vinyl Scratch was born.



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